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In this post, I’ll share all the practices I implemented to improve the site’s local search and map pack rankings. 🔍

I would love to hear your suggestions to further improve if you think something can be done in a more efficient way. 💭

So it all started with On-page SEO 📝 and I focused on it the most as it helps Google to understand what to do with your business Rank OR roll somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page.


The content on the site was of good quality, but there wasn’t proper use of keywords in headings and other places where it should be. So, I added the keywords in the headings and other paragraphs, keeping it natural without any impression of keyword stuffing. Ahrefs helped me to find some of the most relevant keywords to focus on.

After on-page SEO, I optimized the speed of the site 🏎️, which was around 65 for mobile devices. For this purpose, I used WpRocket for cache and file controls, and for images, I used “Robin Image Optimizer.” It helped me to reduce almost half of the images, but for a few, I used manual techniques.


After the on-page and technical part, I started finding content gaps and added 20 new blog posts (2 blogs every week) + re-optimized old content with the latest developments in the field and updated stats. Competitors helped me a lot to find easy-to-rank keywords.


Google loves sites where users spend time, and users only stay on a site if it fulfills their needs with an easy-to-navigate interface. So, here are 2 key points to improve the User experience:

1️⃣ Ensure the website is easy to navigate.

2️⃣ Use visually appealing design elements: Colors, fonts, and images can all affect how users perceive a website.


By using NLP and LSI keywords, I was able to diversify my content and gain an advantage over my competitors. Some of my competitors are not using NLP terms, but it’s important to note that Google values them due to advancements in technology and the rise of AI. SurferSEO helps a lot to optimize your site for NLP (Natural Language Processing).


Initially, I start with Nandla Links (these are links from the highest authority sites) helps to create a solid brand presence and discovery. With Nandla links, I also create niche-relevant forum backlinks (10 to 15 depending on the niche/competition). Guest Post & Niche Edits (60/40% Ratio)


Google Business Profile optimization remains the same as all basic things:

👉Optimizing description following NLP terms.

👉Geo-tagged images with NAPW added.

👉Services optimization with proper description.

👉Business hours and Posts.



Post relevant contention GMB profile that your target audience is looking for, and for this, nobody can tell you better than your competitors.

I usually schedule around 4-6 posts per week, which is usually a higher number than my competitors are posting. 📅


👉Links to City Website + Famous Place 🌆

👉2 links to the main Website 🔗

👉YT video embed 🎥

👉NAPW + Map embed 🗺️


I used driving directions in two ways:

➡️ Adding directions from competitors to my location.

➡️ Adding directions from popular places in that area to my location. For example, if a business is in NY, I will use directions from Central Park NY to the business location.


Monthly 3-5 questions are there to make engagement and to convey info through answering queries of customers by pointing out keywords.


Extract terms from competitors which are on top and cover exact keywords with variations in review and apply the same by just optimizing it by including my brand name and keywords. Like “X plumbers helped me fix my water heater that was not functional for the last 6 months.”

🚀💥 Also, do CTR booster as well once a week to make things speedy.

📝🌍 The Next Move is to make more info articles and to expand the area as well by searching for new keyword opportunities location-specific and making content accordingly.

Thanks for sticking with me till the end of this post! I hope you found this case study helpful. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and comments.